£11.95 per person per hour

Price includes VAT and gives access to all of the trampoline activities - Minimum age limit is 6 years old.
For hygiene and grip, all participants must wear Infinite Air grip socks, which are included in the price of your session and yours to keep.

Free Jump

FreeJump with over 40 trampolines and box sections, you'll be bouncing all over the place. Express yourself on a single bed or on a number of tumble tracks or bring your Parkour skills to the raised platforms. This place rocks.

Wall Run

WallRun has 3 performance trampolines allowing the initiated to literally walk up walls and defy gravity. There are two wall heights to master, and it will take time, so don't beat yourself up if you don't get it first time! See you on the wall.

Hang Time

HangTime with 3 NBA hoops (height adjustable) and trampoline tracks, you will feel like a giant as you rise above the hoop and dunk like you never thought possible. Can you pass the ball round the back, or between your legs and still get 2 points? Or how about free throws, just to hear the 'swoosh' of the net. Bring out your inner LeBron!

Bag Jump

BagJump, standing at nearly 3 metres above the podium floor, you look down on our huge airbag, and all eyes are on you. You're at the highest point in Infinite Air, looking out over the whole park, waiting to jump! And this is just one of the 5 ways to hit the bag. Tumble tracks, angled trampoline and free fall podiums give you the freedom to try some new moves.


DodgeBall with 6 beds and 8 angled rebound trampolines per court, this ain't for 'Average Joes'. With two courts, simply join the queue and try it out. Or, if you're really up for a challenge, grab your mates, and your kit bag and enter one of our leagues, coming soon.


Parkour is ran in our freerun area and it's our take on a new generation of fitness. Our trick floor is where you'll learn the basics of Parkour, developing speed and agility, as well as other gymnastic disciplines. As you progress, you'll be given access to our purpose built Parkour area, where you'll build confidence to take your skills to the street.

Please note that this is not included in the price paid for trampolining. This area is for tuition only and is paid for separately.