Infinite Air Guidelines For Customers With Additional Needs

At Infinite Air we want to welcome all persons of all ages and ability[1] over onto our parks. However, whilst our trampoline parks are designed to be accessible to most people they do offer a degree of physical and mental challenge. For some persons with special needs this may mean that additional equipment and/ or levels of supervision will be required for safe participation. For others the risks of injury may still be too great despite taking such additional measures, preventing their use of the course. This letter gives you guidance about what to do if you are planning to attend Infinite Air and your booking includes a person with special needs.



Infinite Air trampolines are physically challenging activities that require a degree of physical fitness and co-ordination. All participants need to be able to climb a number of steps, be capable of bouncing accurately on a trampoline, exit air bags and stand up on moving surfaces, all without physical assistance.


All customers receive a safety briefing in the use of the park and systems prior to going onto the trampoline beds. It is vital that all customers are able to understand this training and apply it throughout the park when not under direct supervision. If the safety instructions and advice are not followed a customer is at risk of serious injury or death. Safety training takes approximately 10 minutes. If a participant is unable to remain attentive for at least that period and then apply what they have learned whilst undertaking the activity then Infinite Air trampoline park is unsuitable for them.


The requirement for supervision set out in our booking terms and conditions are a minimum and may not be sufficient for participants with either physical of mental special needs. The staff at Infinite Air are not medically qualified and so are not in a position to assess the capacity of participants with special needs to undertake an activity. It remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment prior to undertaking the activity. We advise you to visit the trampoline park prior to booking to undertake your own risk assessment. You may also wish to contact the participant’s doctor for further advice.


If your risk assessment concludes that additional equipment and/or supervision and/or time will be required for the course to be undertaken you must contact the Site Manager to discuss whether these additional needs can be accommodated. We will try to provide as much assistance as we can to help those with special needs to undertake our trampoline parks. However, the primary responsibility of our staff is to ensure the maintenance of safety in the park. We are sure that you will understand that, where this conflicts with individual needs, park safety will be given priority.

[1] Subject to session and times.

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